Mission Adventures in Baja, Mexico!

The Mission Adventures experience is available for junior high, high school and family groups.

Your group can make a difference by going on a short mission trip during spring or summer break. If you participate in Mission Adventures, you'll not only see God change the lives of those you minister to, but you'll see Him transform your own life too.

We know that the leaders of groups who do MA at our base need time to minister to their students, and our program provides for that need. We take care of all the details–food, housing, transportation, devotionals, worship, outreach supplies, translators, etc. This way you can focus on your students or family.

Quick Facts:

  • Trips start at $575 per person
  • Available during spring or summer break
  • Locations in San Antonio Del Mar and Ensenada, Mexico
  • A full-service experience–everything is provided

Outreach Opportunities:

  • Evangelism: This could include working with an orphanage, soup kitchen, rehab center, etc. We try to meet spiritual and physical needs, so there may be some light manual labor involved.
  • Build a House:  Help build a home for a needy family. (Cost of materials is $6,250 – $9,000). Please note that if you choose to build a house you will still be able to do evangelism.
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Youth With A Mission San Diego/Baja

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